Personalized service (1)

Individualized attention will be given to our client, with the professional of their choice, either at our offices or at your home, whichever suits you best.

Flexible hours (1)

Determined according to your availability.

A human approach (1)

A client who comes to the Centre Financier Carrefour is greeted in a private room where, he or she may discreetly discuss with the financial services expert of his or her choice.

A follow up… Short, Medium and Long Term (1)

The manager of your account will accelerate deadlines and follow up at all stages of a file, regardless of complexity or urgency.

Unique expertise

We select our partners by the quality of their service and their competence which will coordinate more effectively to your situation.

A strict Code of Ethics

All partners work in the client's best interest. Conflicts of interest are avoided and transparency is assured.

Quality Assurance

Clients will have access to find their account and even more: at any time, they may consult with one of the referred experts.


(1)  N.B. Centre Financier Carrefour offers independent broker insurance products from PEAK Investment Services Inc. Centre Financier Carrefour can provide a professional referral to help you, with no obligation on your part, and does not take responsibility for acts by referred-to professionals, governed by their own code of ethics.


(2)  Services PEAK Securities Inc., a mutual fund dealer, registered with the AMF, limits its responsibility to investment products such as mutual funds and GICs.


(3) PEAK Insurance Services Inc., a general insurance broker, limits its responsibility to insurance products, such as segregated funds and life insurance.

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